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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Short tour - final thoughts

Some final thoughts on things I learned:

* don't forget the chain lube/tri flow. * don't do a 110 mile day in 90 degree heat - I was wiped but was on a schedule. Total time of 9 hrs and 45 minutes is a long time.

* it's fun to just enjoy the scenery, but pick a route that is scenic and not monotonously flat and desert like.

* the 1989 Peugeot Limestone hybrid with 28c Specialized Armadillo was a champ and took everything I threw at it. While not light, it was a nice ride.

* the Avocet Touring saddle is really quite comfortable.

* no matter what, it takes about an hour to take camp apart, pack and get on the road.

* while I didn't have front racks on the bike it handled rock solid on descents with no shimmies, vibrations or anything of the sort. It instilled some good confidence.

* hard soled mountain bike shoes make a great hammer for tent stakes* I definitely prefer double sided clipless SPD pedals

Touring on an old bike works fine as long as the components are in good shape. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again and, in fact, can't wait to plan another tour. The dreams of a TransAmerica are still there but I will have to subsist on short tours for the time being.

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