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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Short tour - Day 4: Yakima to Ellensburg

I slept like a baby last night on a "real" bed versus the hard ground. I awoke around 6:15 am as Brian was finishing his workout on the treadmill. By 7:00 we had my bike loaded up and Brian jumped on his to ride with me a little while. A quick stop at McDonald's for some breakfast burritos and we were off for good around 7:15.

Yakima has a great trail system called the Greenway trail. We caught that from the 40th Avenue trail head off Highway 12 and then tied in with Interstate 84 for a few miles before exiting and taking Highway 821 up the Yakima River Canyon. This is one of the most scenic routes in the state in my mind.

My derailleur starting acting up again so my frustration started to build. Then we got stuck behind a state highway department truck that was checking freshly painted lines. Suddenly he stopped and we came close to rear ending the travel trailer we were following. After a few minutes we were on our way and Brian turned around at the top of the longest hill and I was on my own.

I reached Ellensburg about 10:15 and stopped by my wife's work to say hello and then ride the final 10 miles home.

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