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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Short tour - Day 2: Wenatchee to Potholes State Park

What an incredibly restless night. I thought I was ready for bed at 9:30 pm but it probably took a good 90 minutes to finally fall asleep. I woke numerous times from wind, car noise and some heavy equipment from the industrial area up the hill. Of course, it starts getting light around 4:30 am or so. By 5:45 am I woke again and finally again for good at 6:15. It was a losing battle so I got up and started packing up camp. It is probably for the best as the temperatures are supposed to be in the high 80's (farenheit).

Wenatchee has a great trail system along the river called the Apple Centennial trail. I rode it on the west side of the river into East Wenatchee for a quick bite to eat at McDonalds before heading east.

It was a beautiful morning to head east with a great tailwind all the way out past Rock Island Dam. The first part was on Rock Island Rd - one vehicle in 3 miles would be indicative of what I experienced on the back roads of central Washington in the afternoon. Hwy 28 was a stark contrast to Rock Island Rd - nonstop vehicle traffic and noise. At least the shoulder was smooth and wide.

After the biggest climb of the day to Quincy it was time for a lunch break to get ready for the expected monotonous afternoon riding through very flat agricultural land. Turning south on Road P NW and then east on Road 9 NW (yes, the roads really are named that in Grant county) I was soon to experience very straight and very long roads.

I made it all of 10 minutes and broke my promise to my dad. Out came the MP3 player and some needed focus for my brain. Many probably disagree with this but considering how far ahead and behind I could see (miles) and seeing how five cars passed me in my direction for a good 15 miles I was ok with the music.
Eventually I made it to Dodson Rd where it was another 15 to 20 miles south on completely straight, but smoothly paved asphalt. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get to Frenchman Hill Rd where I was to head east again. In fact, I was staring at a mile long hill and really not wanting to go up it when I got to the turn at the base of the hill. Whew! The temperatures were now in the mid-80's with a slight headwind. I finally see a sign - 5 miles to go. I was just thankful there weren't going to be anymore hills like the killer one before Quincy - the second in two days that required my lowest gearing at 26 X 28.

It's amazing that, even tired, you can ride faster when you crest a small rise and see a refreshing view of a huge lake where the campground is and you realize you've made it.

The campsite I had reserved is right on the lake but is a swamp with gross water right up next to the tent pad and the soil damp, even in direct sunlight. I moved to the next site over that was drier and full shade. The tent area of campground is relatively sparse tonight which also means it's quiet. I will say I was a little apprehensive when I started to set up camp and was met by a 3 foot bull snake as it slithered by. I'm hoping he decides not to revisit at night.

Still no sign of Eric. His campsite was quiet this morning when I left Wenatchee. I just hope he found a good place to camp as there isn't much relief from the sun out there.

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