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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Road conditions

As the weather finally looks to be making a turn for the better it's probably prudent to mention some local road conditions.

Early in April the county went through the lower valley and cleaned up the gravel and sand from the intersections and shoulders on Look Rd - the only one around here with a nice shoulder to ride on. It was none to soon as one of my tubular tires met its demise in the form of a sharp rock. The edges of the chip sealed road still have a fair amount of debris on the far right side of the pavement. The shoulders of I-90 and I-82 are still littered with a lot of debris from winter. I know, many of you think I'm nuts for riding on the freeway. It really doesn't bother me at all. there's a nice smooth shoulder and rumble strips - which is a lot nicer than having a jacked up 4X4 coming up behind you at 50+ mph on a road with no shoulders.

As for other road conditions, I am reminded daily how poor a job the county did with it's chip seal program last year. Two of the roads I travel frequently are Sanders Rd and No. 6 Rd. Both are horrendous in their condition - very rough and large sections of the chip seal that's non-existent. Supposedly chip sealing is designed to extend the life of a roadway but if it's done this poorly it'll be interesting to see how that pans out. I'd recommend staying off those two roads if you possibly can.

One can only hope that whomever does the work for the county this summer will actually make it a quality job.

Monday, April 4, 2011

CWU Bike Race - April 9

The Central Washington Bicycle club is hosting their annual race this coming weekend - April 9 and 10 - at a variety of locations in the lower valley. They have a need of 10 - 12 more volunteers for Saturday's road race in the Badger Pocket area. Corner marshals are needed to stop traffic and direct riders. Commitment would be from 8:00 am - early/mid-afternoon. The ending time is dependent on the speed of the races. You can find information on the race here. If you can volunteer contact Scott Patton at PattonSC @