Group Rides

Join us for evening indoor training rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm at the Recycle Bicycle Shop in downtown Ellensburg.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new vintage bike in the mix

Well, another vintage bike has arrived on the scene. Courtesy of my dad it will not be ridden a lot as it is fairly rare these days.

In 1973, the Teledyne Titan was introduced as the first mass produced titanium road bikes. They were only produced through 1976. My dad purchased his from Brittain's Cycle Sport in Spokane WA some time in the 1980's.

The bikes were raced but were also notorious for feeling like spaghetti (the frames flexed a lot) and fracturing/tearing at the seat post clamp and bottom bracket.

My dad's suffered a fracture at the seat post clamp a few years ago and he was able to have it repaired this year. The bike had a few upgrades done, including new tubular tire. It is a very, nice lightweight bike. It is also one I have been instructed not to ride it except on flat terrain and non-windy day. We live in Ellensburg so I think it will be safe on the wall.

Off season training

Here we are in mid-October and we already had our first cold snap (with 90 minutes worth of snow at our place) and turbulent weather patterns. Everything from sun, sleet, wind, hail and rain with 30 to 45 degree F temperature swings.

I love fall and the changing leave colors and crisp mornings. My body also loves fall because it starts transitioning from the feeling of having to ride every day to pushing and pulling me into other activities as part of cross training and variety. Fall means cutting, chopping and stacking 3-4 cords of firewood and preparing the property for winter. It means walking a little more and enjoying the scenery - in general just slowing down a little. It means helping out with my son's AAU basketball practices. It means jogging every once in awhile. Above all else, it means getting some more rest. Cycling is still important but I typically drop from 5-6 days a week of riding to 3-4 a week. I don't stress as much if I miss a day of training.

One of the major studies that came out in 2009 discussed the loss of bone density in cyclists. Full time cyclists suffered from a considerable loss in bone mass when compared to other athletes who incorporate other types of training. As I approach my mid-forties the article definitely caught my attention. I spent over 20 yrs lifting a lot of weights and doing bodybuilding training and cycling was interspersed as additional training depending where we lived. Those roles have now been reversed. I am again % dedicated to my cycling and use weight training as a supplement in the off season.

I am now set for at least three months of gym membership - weights, treadmill and stairclimber. Add in 4-5 days of indoor training with the bike and the off season training should work well. I'll periodically get out on the road as I did through December in 2008 - but it won't be something I look hard for.

I'm looking forward to some variety and I'm sure my bikes are also as they'll get some well deserved maintenance treatment in the next few months.

So, enjoy your winter training - spice it up a little and remember the spring will come very quickly and we'll be back out on the road again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Successful Manastash Metric

This past Saturday was the revival of the Manastash Metric Century/Half century bicycle ride. When I registered at the end of August I was #21 on their list and within a couple of weeks the number of riders was in the mid-40's. I was surprised to find out that at least 157 riders showed up on Saturday morning to enjoy this beautiful fall ride.

While cold at the start the day was gorgeous with no rain (as advertised) and a moderate wind. The four rest stops were well organized and it appeared that most riders really enjoyed themselves.

As for me, I didn't stop at the rest stops since I wanted to make sure I was back in time to drive home, grab the kids and head to the CWU football game. Even without stopping I had a fond time remembering what this ride was like when I first rode it in the mid-1980's.

Let's keep up the momentum and double the number of riders next year.