Group Rides

Join us for evening indoor training rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm at the Recycle Bicycle Shop in downtown Ellensburg.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tour de France withdrawals

What to do now that the Tour de France is over? For three weeks I was up early on the Internet watching the live broadcast on Versus of the day's stage. I even had it plugged into my car stereo on the way to work everyday so I could listen to the commentary on the race.

Today was the first day (outside of the two rest days during the race) where there was nothing on. Talk about an empty void in my day. The excitement of watching the strategy play out, seeing the pain on the riders faces and being blown away at how incredibly fit these athletes are made the day seem just "ho-hum". Only work was calling.

I did an early 5:30 am ride to avoid the afternoon heat but it still wasn't the same. I guess the only positive is the years are going by so fast the Tour will be back before we know it. At least there's always the Vuelta in Spain.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Group ride change for Saturday, July 25th

There have been some requests to move the group ride to an early start time and Saturday's. So, on July 25th we'll start at 9:30 am and see how the turn out is and evaluate whether we'll permanently change the time for the rest of the summer.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

County chip sealing has started

Kittitas County has started their summer chip sealing projects. Below is a list of the county roads being sealed. I have not added roads inside town since there are easy ways to get around them. Ride safe and be aware of traffic as fog lines have yet to be repainted. Personally, I stay off these roads if at all possible for at least a year to let the cars wear the gravel down a little.

Lower county:
Vantage Highway
Reecer Creek Rd
Lower Green Canyon Rd
Clarke Rd

Upper county - starts July 13th
West Park
Kachess River Rd
Evergreen Way
Kachess Dam
Silver Trail Rd
Smith Drive
Cabin Creek
Airport Rd

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Tour has begun

One of the depressing things about choosing not to have satellite t.v. (cable isn't an option) is I can't watch the Tour de France. I used to watch the delayed broadcasts for years when I had cable t.v. and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I would really miss most of the sports on t.v. when I gave up the cable. However, the cycling events is all I have really missed.

The Tour is going strong with three stages completed. I have been able to watch internet broadcasts, which isn't the same, but at least gives me a little bit of satisfaction occasionally.

The suspense is already increasing to a media frenzy. How will Astana handle having Armstrong, Contador and Leipheimer on the same team? Will any of these three really respect the man who becomes the leader on the team? Will Mark Cavendish continue his sprinting dominance? Can local ride, Tyler Farrar of Wenatchee, rise to meet the expectations of the Pacific Northwest and America? And, it goes on.

Already there's been suspense with crashes, extreme heat and a move by Lance Armstrong during today's Stage 3 that surprised other general classification riders and allowed him to move from 10th to 3rd in the overall standings. With a team time trial set tomorrow Armstrong has a great shot of wearing the yellow jersey at the conclusion of that stage. Ah, I love the suspense and speculation. Who says Nascar's off season is silly - cycling can beat it any day for chaos.

Finally, I just to comment on something I heard the broadcasters on Versus say during Stage 2. And, of course, it revolves around doping. They stated there were very few professional cyclists that were doping now because of the testing rules that are in place. Excuse me for being skeptical but I just have a hard time accepting that. Too many riders are still being suspended for doping violations on an annual basis.

Finally, I'll go out on a limb with my predictions for the Tour de France winner:

1. Sastre
2. Contador
3. Armstrong
4. Menchov
5. Leipheimer